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IF is a text book for this generation, designed specifically to address the complexity of the Fashion Industry and its symbiotic nature. The website has been divided into the three major departments for study of the apparel industry - Fashion Design, Product Development and Illustration.  We invite you to explore this unique product and see for yourself how easily "IF: Informed Fashion" can be catered to suit your every need - in the classroom and in the design room.  IF is the most comprehensive point of reference for the apparel industry on the market.


Informed Fashion is design based on knowledge, both learned and observed, regarding the industry, the target customer and garment production.  Informed Fashion is design based on the IF factor. The IF factor is the basis of Informed Fashion design – and it is the IF factor that we will be exploring throughout the book.  The choices one makes as an informed designer are directed by a lot of “ifs”.  The fabric, the construction, the styling, the sizing, the colors and the sketching style you use will all be dictated by an IF.

Informed Fashion targets:

WHAT  you will be designing;

WHO you will design for;

clarify WHY you need flats and illustrations;

and provide the tools to show you HOW to achieve your goals.

This is not a book about how to draw pretty pictures (although some of the illustrations are certainly very elegant).  This is a book about the Industry of Fashion, the language of line work, and the importance of developing the skills to communicate without words.  Informed Fashion is about understanding how price points, mark-up, volume and proportion affect the garments that we design and illustrate.  Informed Fashion is about observing the trends and buying habits of the customer and analyzing that information to truly meet the consumers’ demands by channeling your creativity.