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"I teach Fashion Drawing and Design at London College of Fashion and have worked for many years in fashion forecasting and publishing. I have met Melanie Denny and I have read the book that she and Nancy Riegelman have written. Both the book and Melanie talk a lot of sense about the The Industry of Fashion rather than the Fashion Industry. The former is the realistic knowledge and understanding grasped from many years hard work at many levels and in a broad range of situations; the latter is the glamorous illusion that is sold to the punters who buy what is produced by the Industry of Fashion. Informed Fashion will allow you access to this hard won knowledge and give you a direction to put your own energies into. I am recommending it to all my students and I recommend it to you."                                                                                                                         

Paul Turner - Principal Lecturer London College of Fashion



After being a part of the garment industry for more than 20 years with companies like Ann Taylor, Banana Republic and Pacific Sunwear in almost every area of Product Development from Design, Merchandising, Sourcing and Production, I have learned many things.  Most importantly, this is an aesthetic business, and as critical to survival as it is to success is the ability to communicate visually at all stages of development; from the beginning when it is essential to articulate designs to factories responsible for developing prototypes as envisioned by designers, to the end when illustrating to the customer how to put the looks together, as well as everyone who touches the product along the way.  Informed Fashion is a refreshing instructional tool to help communicate fashion at all levels.  You will not only enjoy the informative reading and paging through the beautiful illustrations but it will become an invaluable library for the future.

Laura A. Landis



INFORMED FASHION is a perfect reference guide for the working professional and a great learning tool for any Fashion/Art Student.  I have two copies of IF:INFORMED FASHION, one for my office and one for my home library.   

As Product/Sourcing Manager for UNDER ARMOUR and FILA Accessories and HUSTLER Apparel and Accessories, I interact daily with Designers, Merchandisers, Developers, Graphic Artists and factories all around the globe.  Visual and written communications are key to successful products getting all the way to the ultimate consumer.  The comprehensive, clear and focused categories in this book are wonderful to demonstrate:

 My 25 years in the fashion industry includes 12 years of teaching at THE FASHION INSTITUTE OF DESIGN AND MERCHANDISING (FIDM).  IF only I had IF:INFORMED FASHION as a textbook, my lectures would have been more authentic. IF only my students had IF: INFORMED FASHION as a reference guide, all of their homework and final projects would have gotten “A”s.  IF only everyone I work with would use IF:INFORMED FASHION, my job would be perfect.

 Congratulations to Melanie and Nancy on a fabulous book!!!

 -Martin Fung